I Did A 30 Day Yoga Challenge And This Is What I Learnt

I Did A 30 Day Yoga Challenge And This Is What I Learnt

Something was not clicking. For whatever reason unbeknownst to me, certain aspects of my life were not working out. I was feeling frustrated, tired and desperate. I knew I needed to do something different, so I did. I took part in Adriene Mishler’s 30 day yoga challenge on YouTube. If you are not familiar with Adriene, visit her YouTube channel – she is fantastic. Adriene is the best friend you wish you had. She tells you everything will be okay with such certainty you believe it. She encourages, reassures and reminds you that you are responsible for your own happiness whilst teaching you how to do a downward dog.  Her channel is the perfect place if you are looking for yoga for beginners. From time to time she does these 30 day challenges and last month I took part in my first.

Full disclosure, I was not one of those people who did yoga every week let alone every month.Months would go without me ever doing yoga. Never went on 3 week yoga retreats. I liked the idea of yoga just like I like the idea of meditation, but actually doing them regularly or religiously….that’s another story. So for me, committing to doing yoga for 30 days was slightly drastic but that’s why I did it. In order to change the pattern and flow of things in my life, I needed to do something uncomfortable and challenging.

Day 1 was great, I felt excited and charged. My future looked bright and I was ready for anything. The first week goes by and the classes are easy and I am thinking ‘lol, this challenge is going to be easy’. Then the second week starts and suddenly the classes are starting to become a little longer and a little intense. I was starting to feel challenged. The moves were intended to strengthen your core and it is safe to say, I had no strength in my core. If your foundation is not solid, the rest of you will eventually tumble and fall. I was feeling pushed and wanted to give up. However, when I say I am going to do something no matter what, I do it. I am very particular about what I commit to because I dislike giving up. Even if I give up I eventually go back and finish off what I had said I would do.

By week 3 I could not wait for it to be over – then something changed. In week 4 I felt rejuvenated. I truly felt transformed and the habit was locked into my daily life. All the yoga poses began to feel easier, like I was swimming through the air with every twist and turn. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the power I felt from doing the warrior poses. I loved the stamina from doing a simple plank. The pride I would feel from being able to keep up. Yoga is a great way to reinforce your inner power. I now do yoga on most mornings after waking up.

 I learnt a lot from my 30 day yoga challenge. I learnt that if you want to change an aspect in your life be it your diet, your work schedule, or even certain behavior, make the change and stick to it for 3o days. Do not deviate from it for even a day and after 30 days if nothing has changed in your life drop it. If it has changed something, continue doing it for another 6o days. My perspective has changed with the concept of 3o day challenges. When you feel like you are in a cycle of negative life patterns, change things up for 30 days. I am now on to my next 30 day challenge, why not start you own?

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