Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails

Cherry Pomegranate Mojito

Let the festivities begin with a Cherry Mojito blended with pomegranate juice. See the recipe at The Head Baker.

Raspberry russian cocktail

I love milky cocktails, so this is right up my alley. A mix on a White Russian with raspberries instead of traditional chocolate. See this recipe at Love & Olive Oil.

Moscow Cocktail Reindeers

A minty Christmas version of this cocktail with added candy cane crushed into it. Check out the recipe at Freut Cake.

Caramel Apple Hot Toddy Cocktail

The name is kind of a tongue twister, but this is the perfect drink to have in front of a good Christmas TV movie. Follow the recipe at Cookie Rookie.

The Northpole Cocktail

This could possibly be my favorite. Whole milk mixed with ginger, chocolate syrup, molasses and vodka. Try this recipe at Half Baked Harvest.


If you love fruity cocktails, try making this sangria. Made with cranberries, apples and oranges, this is a definite party favorite. See the recipe at Damn Delicious.

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